the virtual journal of Celia Gray

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Spring Cleaning

Mrs. Grimes and I have been working in tandem to give Paisley Hall "a good turn-out." I even lent a hand (or an arm) to beat rugs, before Grimes arrived. I couldn't find the rug beater, so I was using a badminton racquet! I'd forgotten hall runners were so very lo-o-ong. (Of course, we send the Aubussons out to be cleaned.) Well, Grimes' brows raised themselves very high when she saw me on the terrace, surrounded by dust clouds. She went inside without comment, but was back in two shakes with the rug beater, and, with an "I'll just be finishing that up, m'lady," I was gently but firmly set aside. And so, leaving Grimes to her mighty whackage, I went inside to check on the progress of my homemade lemon curd.