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Monday, December 10, 2007


LOTW Goes on Winter Hiatus

Starting December 15, Lady on the Web is slated to go on winter hiatus through March 2008. It's high time we refreshed, refurbished, revitalized -- cleared out the cobwebs -- blew the must from our souls. At least, that's what will happen next Spring; at the end of this week, we'll begin with a long, slow exhale.

I won't say I'm exactly down for the count, but if I'm to survive the winter without a resurgence of the old weakness in the lungs, I simply must rest. At least, that's what Miss Underwood tells me. She'd like it if I were to visit Italy or Spain, or some place where I can obtain three straight months of sun. I must admit, it sounds tempting.

She says I'm forbidden to do any work, such as reviewing show transcripts, during this time. She says she'll be doing all that -- and she has her work cut out for her, since they're backed up well into last summer. I told her she'd better go on holiday as well, even offered to pay, but as usual, she refused. Well, since she's one of the few writers not on strike, I had better humor her. Don't tell her I said so, though!

Miss Gray, you will most certainly be missed! I do hope you have a restful holiday; I look forward to the stories you will have to tell us next spring.
Farewell, my friend. I will see you in the spring!
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