the virtual journal of Celia Gray

Saturday, May 19, 2007


Foundering in "The Waves"

I am foundering in The Waves. It began so freshly and beautifully, with the striking, unsentimental offering of the perceptions of a group of children, but as those children aged, they became less interesting to me, and Miss Woolf turned to a kind of heroic pastiche (I don't wish to say cliché).

The group of childhood friends, now in their early twenties, played in a restaurant scene which, in its near-interminability, reminded me of My Dinner With André. But I soldiered on.

Then one of their number was killed in a fall -- Percival, the alpha male, representing what I despise. So I can't share their elegiac mood, since I would be happier if the world had fewer of these empire builders to begin with.

Time will tell if I finish the book. And then I will tell you.