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Thursday, March 29, 2007


Bot B and ALICE 2 Revisited

Back in 2003, when I played an AI, Miss Underwood designed two charming logos.

Bot B logo

The Bot B logo was designed on 07-07-03, at 11:46 pm. The GUI bore this legend:
The B dialogues: an evolving script
Ask, tell, offer, sing; then click Enter, to see my reply.
I learn with each dialogue, from what you bring; new to the world am I!

ALICE 2 logo

Shortly thereafter came the ALICE 2 character. The above was her logo. The ALICE 2 script was, of course, based on the original ALICE's March 2002 script.

Hi, I want to speak to Lord P. I believe the webshow hostess is holding him hostage! :p
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